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DIY Frozen Elsa Pumpkin Tutorial from A Pumpkin & a Princess. A fake white pumpkin is covered in Krylon Glitter Blast. I’ve used Glitter Blast and it is sparkly - but I have also used the recommended sealer spray that is sold to seal the glitter blast coat.



Lane cosplayed as a Main Street Confectionery cast member at the Magic Kingdom on Sunday. The candy shop is one of her favorites, and their costume has always been one of Mommy’s favorites, so it seemed like the perfect dress for her to wear to visit her Disney friends. She was even granted a very Magical Moment and got to make a Mickey rice krispie treat with some of the staff. (Mommy also made her a tray of fake cotton candy, chocolates and a caramel apple to carry around and play with.) :)

I love Lane, she’s the cutest <3

Spy the hidden Mickey in the mistletoe? 

Step by step instructions (with pictures) on Inspired by Dis! 

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